16th-18th – January 2016 
WHITE exhibition – Milan



17th March 2015
FW 15-16 
Boscolo Hotel - Milano

UNO61 TRAVEL AIR JACKET at the European Council -Bruxelles

In Bruxelles, during the Italian Presidency of the EU, the twenty products winners of the XXIII edition of the Compasso d'Oro award have been exhibited at the Council of the European Union, Justus Lipsius building, including the UNO61 Travel Air Jacket  as expression of the best Italian design.

“Ri-Vestire”.  UNO61-  Camerino University

Uno61 is continuing a collaboration with Camerino University- Architecture and Design School - Ascoli Piceno
The UNO61 project is object of workshops to teach to the students a new concept of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion consumerism.


UNO61  winner   “XXIII Compasso d’Oro ADI”

UNO61 was awarded “XXIII Compasso d'Oro ADI”, the highest Italian acknowledgment and among the most authoritative  in the world of design.
Travel Air Jacket is the first urban  apparel  from 1955 to be honored by this  prestigious award for utilizing technology coming from other sectors. In particular “for having employed emergency services technology in an item of clothing”.

Shanghai Italian Center - “TRADITION AND INNOVATION: Italy in China”

At  the Shanghai Italian Center, in the renewed Italian Pavillon of EXPO,  was held  in 2012 and 2013 the exhibition "TRADITION AND INNOVATION: Italy in China" created by  Triennale di Milano. The exhibition showcases the strong relationship between  Italy’s millenial culture and now days excellence of the Made in Italy among them UNO61 was invited to partecipate.

UNO61- “Italian Design for Sustainability”- Sao Paulo –Brazil

UNO61 was chosen to participate to the exhibition “Italian Design for Sustainability” in  San Paolo - Brasil  created by Ministry of Environment  for its attention to the sustainability.


UNO61  at the first exhibit of “Bellezza delle Cose”, an event which highlighted the new ideas of  design excellence in the Marche region.